Pray for the pain you serve..

“I belong here where the world bends I belong here with the waiting With the haunted. With the never seen I belong here with the faithless We are no one we are nothing at all…”   Immodest – Twisted Creep by Nature – Chapter 4 Tableau Vivant – Mei Hair – NEO-Japan [CX] – Kuze Collar […]

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Hiding my Heart…

“This is how the story went I met someone by accident It blew me away Blew me away…” Bauhaus Movement – Hikari – NEO- Japan Spartin Parx Designs – April Fonce Hat – Sanarae A&Y Bunker – Ghost Hair – Mainstore

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The Doomed…

“Behold a new Christ Behold the same old horde Gather at the altering…”   Immodest – Eroded & Midnight – Sanarae  [CX] – Crucen Inverso – Ironwood Paranoia Event Poseidon Poses – Hisako 8 – Ironwood Paranoia Event

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High Hopes…

“In a world of magnets and miracles Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary The ringing of the division bell had begun”   Spartin Parx Designs – Izumi Kasa – Neo-Japan Zibska – Stelara Head Orbit – Sanarae   Guest appearance by : The Overlords

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KiB Designs – Detox Mask Bloody – Ironwood Hills Paranoia Event – Ironwood Hills Trap – Triadis Ears – Mainstore [Gild] – Bird skull top necklace – Men Only Monthly

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