Quarantine Beach…

Quarentine Beach_003


Dead Doll – Wild Beauty Sundress, Parasol, Beach Towel and Tote – Summerfest

(Please Note : Dead Dollz has now lost her Z! – Official Announcement Below)

Official announcement about the new name:

I’m losing my Z!

There is no single reason or event behind the change.
The brand has evolved so much and become something different from when I first started out in 2008.
Alongside the evolution of the brand a personal growth fuels the desire to explore new roads with renovated enthusiasm.
The new brand identity involves the new name, DEAD DOLL, as well as new logos, graphic design, a new sim with a unique Flagship Store which opening is finally near.

DEAD DOLL customers and fans will not be disappointed as I promise to continue to develop the brand and keep pushing the limits of design and quality.

New and exciting things are coming, be sure to follow DEAD DOLL official page for updates!


Tableau Vivant – Sommer – Summerfest

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