Aen Sidhe…

Aen Sidhe_001


Tableau Vivant – Scarf Hair – K9

Lelutka – Erin Head 1.0 (LeLutka Evolution Line)- Main Store (Jan 6)

Glam Affair – Blake Skin Layer within the LeLutka Pack – Main Store


Notes on the Evolution line : Heads are 100% Bakes on Mesh ready and intended to be used as such, however, old SKIN, EYES and LASHES appliers can also be used.
Old makeup appliers/layers have been replaced with HD LIP and HD EYESHADOW layers and old appliers will not work on them.
Skins, Lashes and Eyes have remained Omega Appliers compatible.

Introductory price will be set to L$ 3700 for the first two „Evolution” Line Female Heads till January 20th, 2020.
After this 2-week period, the price will be set back to our standard price of L$ 5000.

Since the content is Bakes on Mesh ready, „Glam Affair” appliers will no longer be included. Instead however, each head will have its own
Face Tattoo does not include the brows, those are on their own system tattoo layer also available in 4 tones.

Information taken from LeLutka Press release with head.

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