“The subtle warnings we chose to deny Seem so far away now But if we could go back Would we change it? Or just stay on the same path? Hoping to avoid this total collapse…” Immodest – Touch of Scylla II – Sanarae  Immodest – Touch of Scylla – The Secret Affair Lovely Disarray – Aeternum Vale […]

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Glory of the 80’s…

“She said ‘my husband ran off with my shaman But they love me as I am’..” A&Y Bunker – Lorna Cyber Gothic Armwarmers, Skirt, Corset(Rare) – Lootbox Cubic Cherry – Doran Mask – Red Light District Violetility – Cybertech Bench, Cyber Crashpad (Rare), Spare Parts Stool – Lootbox Tableau Vivant – Jill Hair – K9

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The Collector…

“There are times, plenty of times I wish I could let it go But it’s time to breed And it’s got to grow inside me…” The White Crow – Curse Face Tattoo – Dubai Naberius – Iron Eater Jacket – Mainstore [CX] – Kuze Collar – Mainstore Immodest – Darkness Falls Tattoo – Mainstore

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Girlchild Aglow…

“She woke up to follow The lapping ocean Is her thing An ever friend…” Dead Dollz – Dharma Bikini and Skirt – Rewind – 60’s Bauhaus Movement – Janis Necklace – Rewind – 60’s Spartin Parx – Hela Pose – Mainstore

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Rescue Me…

“Whatever you do, don’t ever play my game Too many years being the king of pain…” Bolson – Wynehouse Tattoo – Summerfest IntoXx – Pose M.7.3

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Beautiful Lie…

“Hide behind an empty face Don’t ask too much just say Cause this is just a game…” Bolson – Diago – Man Cave Suicidal Unborn – Nocturnal Reptilian Eyes (Lootbox Rare) – Lootbox Antinatural – Synthetic Crush – Cyborg Hairstyle – Lootbox Clef Du Peau – Miles Outfit – Mancave

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Seek Up…

“Forget about being guilty We are innocent instead For soon we will all find our lives swept away…” Tableau Vivant – Fruit of the Bloom – Arcade Plastik – Araxxis Skin and Tail (Albino Rare) – Lootbox Zibska – Mirth – Shiny Shabby Dead Dollz – Arcadia Dress (Fitted for TMP but worn on Jake) – Mainstore

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Fool to Think…

“You make a mess of me here   I dance a thousand steps for you  If you say yes to me  I’ll be whatever gets you through Am I a fool, am I a fool for you?” Voluptas Virtualis – Fortuna – Equal10 Tableau Vivant – Charlize Hair – C88  

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Exit Wounds…

“It doesn’t hurt me. You wanna feel how it feels? You wanna know, know that it doesn’t hurt me? You wanna hear about the deal I’m making?…” Lovely Disarray – Aeternum Vale : Unisex Body Tattoo – Bodyfy Cubic Cherry – Crystal Horns – Mainstore

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Mercy Rain..

“Would you walk with me tonight Could you run where the lovers run Would you stay with me tonight …” Spartin Parx – Nora Cuff – The Avenue Immodest – Calamity Tattoo – Suicide Dollz

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