Southbound Pachyderm…

“Quite a suprise
What an ingenious device
Boredom encompasses my time…”


on The Wretch :


  • Senshi of the End / Winged Cap PLUTO – Crystal Heart Event – Taxi
  • Senshi of the End / Epaulet PLUTO
  • Senshi of the End / Senshi Cloth PLUTO

Clemmm –

  • Decorative Gloves
  • Stifled Lips – Charcoal

Shi –

  • Messiah – Baruch Berms
  • Centurion Sandals
  • Zipper Vest
  • Hanamel Necklace
  • Eye Bangle

CX –

  • Ripped Stockings

Bauhaus Movement –

  • Planet Hate Pose

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