“The smoke is hiding
What the eye can see
And the path I am taking
And the tracks I tread
Is cold, so cold…”


on Loki :

Haus of Darcy –

  • Breandan MESH Hip Dermals
  • Scorpio Simplicity
  • LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings

Tableau Vivant –

  • Cristal Hair
  • Wicca Ringset

Bauhaus Movement –

  • Ryo Headpiece – TFC January – Taxi

Lode –

  • Chestnut Head Accessory
  • Golden Rain Head Accessory
  • Lilou Feathers
  • Boohoo [dry grass]

Lab737 –

  • Seer Mask
  • Rune Necklace Wolf
  • Stardust Necklace – The Secret Affair January – Taxi

Mays Soul –

  • La parca staff

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