Gallows Pole…

“Friends, did you get some silver?
Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my dear friends, To keep me from the Gallows Pole?…”


on The Albino :

Haus of Darcy –

  • TV Piercing 2
  • LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings

Tableau Vivant –

  • Cristal Hair
  • Mort Vivant on TMP

Clemmm –

  • Tender Eyes

Zibska –

  • Daimhin Horns – The Secret Affair January – Taxi
  • Solveig Necklace – The Secret Affair January
  • Xia Deux Uomo Orbits
  • Tali Liners
  • Dwyn Lips
  • Kameko Eye Shadow
  • Via Lashes

Bauhaus Movement –

  • Vanleen Show White Crown – The Seasons Story January – Taxi

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