Sent to Destroy…

“Metal teeth, a diamond smile
Mechanical jaws, a two ton bite
With winter frost, an atomic pile
We stand the ground where the big dog’s fight…”


on The Wretch :

Haus of Darcy –

  • Scorpio Simplicity 1&2
  • Full Metal Lust

Tableau Vivant –

  • Mort Vivant on TMP
  • Shortcut Hairbase

Zibska –

  • Auguste Collar – Mainstore Release – Taxi
  • Ares Eyeshadow

Clemmm –

  • Sclera Prosthetic Mutant Mishap (R)
  • Mutated Slitless Snow (L)
  • Bloodshot Bases

Grafica Poses –

  • Syrthni IV

Trap –

  • Baby Gelf ears

Lovely Disarray –

  • I’m no Priest Inverted Cross Tattoo

[SWaGGa] –

  • RoadWarrior Mask


  • Apocalypse Goggles – Blood

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