To Mirth, Merriment, and Manslaughter…



Happy Holidays!

on The Wretch :

Haus of Darcy –

  •  Breandan MESH Hip Dermals

Tableau Vivant –

  • Mort Vivant on TMP
  • Wicca Ringset

Clemmm –

  • Detached Shadow Smear on TMP

Katat0nik –

  • (Santa) Intruder Mask
  • (Rudolph) Intruder Mask

Grafica Poses –

  • Aur iv

Trap –

  • Beastie Imp Ears

Schadenfreude –

  • Krampus Deer Mouse RARE (Arcade)


Room :

Trompe Loeil –

  • Haldis Fireplace

Nefarious Inventions –

  • Deadwood Stacked Coffin Presents
  • Deadwood Table Top Tree
  • Deadwood Tree
  • Gothic Ornaments

Katat0nik –

  • (Krampus) Winter Baby Doll
  • (snow boy) Winter Baby Doll

Schadenfreude –

  • Bones Deer Mouse

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