Uneven & Brittle…

“It’s myself I deceive
I got all I asked for
If I wait in deep sleep
There’s nothing there to pray for
Uneven and brittle
Is there fruit on our tree?”


on The Albino :


Haus of Darcy – Taxi

  • Scorpio Simplicity 1 & 2
  • Forever Gloss (Mega Shine)
  •  LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings

Tableau Vivant – Taxi

  • Mort Vivant on TMP
  • Starry Night Series – Windy – The Arcade December – Taxi
  • Starry Night Series – Starry Night necklace
  • Wicca Ringset

Clemmm – Taxi

  • Death’s door – Soot Eye Makeup
  • Bloodshot Bases
  • Unwanted Fog Eyes

Zibska – Taxi

  • Vic Lips
  • Yarden Eyes

Azoury –

  • Faithless Crown RARE – The Arcade December – Taxi

Gabriel –

  • Heavenly Warrior Pants for TMP

Anc –

  • Confetti (Black)
  • Cloud Sungold

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