Smoke and Mirrors…

“There are those who have seen, and those soon to beware
What your smoke is concealing
Just a trail of bones, atop a lemming’s hill
All fallen prey…”


on The Wretch :

Haus of Darcy – Forever – Gloss (Mega Shine) – Cosmetic Fair – Taxi

  • Forever Liner (Sticky)
  • Forever MESH Piercing
  • Spiked Kiss
  • Neon Punk Gauge
  • Ri Fhaolchu MESH Facial Piercing

Tableau Vivant – Creatura Skin (Not Available)

  • Wicca Ringset

Clemmm – Bloodshot Eye Base

  • Sclera Prosthetic Mutant Mishap Eye (Left Eye) – TAG Gacha (Mystery Rare)
  • Cornea Transplant White Kitty (Right Eye) – TAG Gacha

VRSION – KONVERT 2.1 Male Cardigan

  •  RIVAL 4 Male Pants

Maitreya –  Radical Boots – Reptile

Mina – Ashton

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