“And they all pretend they’re Orphans
And their memory’s like a train
You can see it getting smaller as it pulls away…”


On The Albino :

Haus of Darcy – Little Fairy MESH Facial Piercing – Taxi

  • LUST  Mesh Nipple Piercings
  • LUST Piercings Set #2- Areola Dermals

Tableau Vivant – Kyou Hair – Taxi

Zibska – Pixie Dust Uomo – Enchantment Event November – Taxi

  • Pixie Dust Uomo Circlet
  • Pixie Dust Uomo Winglets
  • Pixie Dust Uomo Skirt
  • Abadon Orbit

Trap – Beastie Imp Ears

+Half-Deer+ Long Eared Jerboa

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