Save your Soul…

“Save your soul before it’s too late
‘Cause nothing’s gonna change my mind
And nothing’s gonna change your ways”


on The Wretch:

Haus of Darcy – Creation.JP #3 – Available at TnR – Taxi

  • Scorpio Simplicity – Taxi
  • LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings
  • LUST Piercings Set #2- Areola Dermals
  • Neon Punk Gauge

Tableau Vivant –  Hack undercut – Shiny Shabby – Taxi

  • Wicca Ringset and Hand Tattoos – Shiny Shabby

Clemmm – Cornea Transplant Black Kitty (Rare) – TAG Gacha

  • Cornea Transplant White Kitty (Rare) – TAG Gacha

Lovely Disarray – Forgotten Nobility Lips

Soy.  – Chair Deer Horn Grows

Jian :: –  RARE Cuddle Creepers – Zip the Skele-cat – TAG Gacha

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