Goths Do It Better…

“With the loneliest eyes
Tell yourself it’s alright”


on The Wretch:

Haus of Darcy – Banrion Faolchu – Royal (LTD. ED.) Face Paint – TAXI

  • Neon Punk Gauge

Tableau Vivant – Horror Tone on TMP Body (Face is Creatura from Tableau – Not Available) – TAXI

  •  Knot [faux dreads]

SEUL GARCON –  Mohair Wrap Scarf – The Seasons Story – TAXI

Modulus Rico Jacket – Black on TMP – The Seasons Story – TAXI

~silentsparrow~ Grump Horns – The Seasons Story – TAXI

titzuki : offensive balloon gacha : smiley – The Seasons Story – TAXI

A.D.D.Andel! Ghost Friends – The Seasons Story – TAXI

Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Headpiece – The Seasons Story – TAXI

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