Boys for Pele…

“Now you’ve cut out the flute
From the throat of the loon
At least when you cry now
He can’t even hear you…”


on The Wretch:

Haus of Darcy – Taxi

  • Scorpio Simplicity
  • LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings

Tableau Vivant –  Burtonette hair – Collab88 – Taxi

Zibska –

  • Lilit Necklace – On9 Event – Taxi
  • Lilit Collar
  • Penelope Deux Skirt and Headpiece – Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2015 – Oct 17 – 24 – Taxi
  • Ares Eye Makeup

Clemmm – Taxi

  • Bloodshot Bases
  • Unwanted Hemorrhage
  • Charred Lips

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