“Lover brother bougainvillea, My vine twists around your need. Even the rain is sharp, Like today as you sh-sh-shock me sane…”

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on The Albino: Haus of Darcy – TV Piercing 8 Prt. 2 – Taxi Scorpio Simplicity Creation.JP #2 – *TnR* Event – Taxi Neon Punk Gauge LUST Piercings Set #2- Areola Dermals  LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings Tableau Vivant – Mort Vivant Skin – Taxi Rileigh hair [faux dreads] Wicca Ringset and Tattoo on TMP – Shiny Shabby – Taxi Clemmm […]

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3 a.m….

“The sight of blood excites me, that might be an artery son
Your blood curdling screams just don’t seem to bother me none
It’s 3 A.M. and here I come so you should probably run…”

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