The Duality of Man….

So….here is my first post for my blog. Never thought I would ever make one of these, but here it is. Figured this would be far easier for one reason or another. In this blog you will see posts from two different perspectives. The Wretch and the Albino. Two completely different sides, styles and moods. Yet, sometimes they come together to create a symbiotic being. Through music, I am able to channel each forward to see what they can offer to any particular piece. Sometimes one speaks louder than the other, so that’s who gets to showcase. This all probably sounds insane, but its the way I work. I am not traditional in any sense of the word. Just the bones I’m made of…

This particular post features The Wretch, the only one of the two, that can truly pull of darkness in all of its forms.

This piece is called “Malignity”


“I think I made you up inside my head.” ~Sylvia Plath

Featured Creator – Zibska

Zibska – Scaramouche Helmet and Collar (On9 – 9 Sept.)

Zibska – Xia Deux Uomo Orbits

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