I’m Fine…

I'm Fine

“Strange how we decorate pain…”

The Albino showcasing the following…

Zibska – Colombe Adornment – Inspiration Event – 10 – 30 Sept TAXI

Zibska – Aleit Brows (Left one worn) – Body Modification Expo – 12 -27 Sept TAXI

Zibska – Aphra Eyes – Body Modification Expo

Zibska – Effect Lips – Body Modification Expo

Zibska – Aproxima Orbit because yes, I am an Orbit Junkie.

Haus of Darcy – Sideswept Facial Piercing ; Ghosts Astray

Tableau Vivant – Ten Hair.

Clemmm – Unkin; At Deaths Door Bruises

Antielle – Dissolved Tears

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